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Sex Addiction Treatment Center Colorado

One of the major barriers to getting healing for sex and porn addiction is insurance. Sex addiction treatment is often expensive, and few people can foot the bills alone. In addition, porn addiction is yet to be recognized as a form of addiction.

Then again, some insurance providers do not offer sex addiction treatment coverage. So if you have decided to get sex addiction treatment in Boulder, how do you pay insurance?

Financing Your Sex Addiction Treatment

There have been recent changes in health insurance, and many people without necessary health care coverage may not be able to pay out of their pockets for sex addiction treatment.

Self-paying for addiction treatment, especially without health insurance, is not an easy task. Yet folks with health insurance still struggle with payment for their addiction treatment.

So it would be best if you got a good grasp of your health insurance benefits and coverage. You might want to talk to an expert to explain your health insurance options. They will advise you on the best payment plan for getting porn addiction treatment in Boulder.

The thing is, most private health plans do not completely cover sex treatment while others do. Negotiating such situations will require you to review your insurance provider’s coverage. That’s why you need an expert opinion on paying insurance for sex addiction treatment. You might call your insurance provider or visit their website.

Better still, some sex addiction treatment centers might help you find out about your eligibility for insurance as a means of paying for sex addiction treatment.

Paying For Sex Addiction Treatment Insurance with Us

We are Begin Again Institute. As one of the leading providers of healing for sex and porn addiction, we provide heart-centered, trauma-focused, and neurobiology-based treatment for people who have issues with intimacy disorders and sexual addiction.

Our success with our addiction treatment services can be traced to our counselors and therapists who use a combination of somatic, experiential, and evidence-based therapies to treat the root cause of addiction and behavior.

Does Insurance Cover My Addiction Treatment

Well, it depends on your coverage and insurance provider. Sexual addiction is not currently recognized as a mental health diagnosis in the most recent version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V). As such,full-pay insurance will not cover the treatment needed.

However, the Begin Again Institute provides a ‘Superbill’ for all services to submit to your insurance company. That said, we are not in a position to help you obtain pre-authorization or work to help you resolve insurance issues.

Get the help you need! 

Are you or anyone you know struggling with sex addiction? Do not hesitate to contact the addiction treatment professionals at Begin Again Institute. Our facility provides a conducive environment and highly specialized treatment programs to give you a shot at leading a new life. We also attempt to address the cause of the addiction in our patients to reduce their chances of relapsing. Contact the world’s leading intensive healing facility for sex and porn addictions and intimacy disorders on 720/702-4608.

Sex Addiction Treatment Center Colorado

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Sex Addiction Treatment Center Colorado

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