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Agoura Hills Sober Living

Fairview Supportive Living offers the most picturesque and fully equipped sober living houses in California. Our Agoura Hills sober living house is a large secluded property surrounded by horse ranches and magnificent mountains. 

What is a sober living home?

A sober living home acts as a bridge and helps you transition from an inpatient rehab program to the outside world. Getting to face the ‘real world’ after spending a couple of months in a closed treatment facility can be a culture shock and extremely challenging to deal with.

A sober living house is a living arrangement that allows you to live in a safe and secure house with fellow recovering addicts for a short period. You are expected to use this time to find a stable job, a new place to live, build a new and healthy social circle, mend relationships, etc. The sober living home ensures that you are free from stressful situations, loneliness, boredom, and other types of triggers and cravings. Our Agoura Hills sober living offers recovering addicts with a warm and welcoming environment to help them embrace change and transition into the outside world.

Ways to maintain sobriety after treatment

While you may have won half the battle with successful completion of rehab treatment, sobriety is a life-time commitment. Here is a handful of pro tips on how to maintain sobriety without giving into relapse after treatment:

  • Get rid of people that influenced you to drink or use drugs in the past. Meet new people and hang out in places that do not serve alcohol.
  • Surround yourself with family and loved ones at all times. Stay close to your family to overcome feelings of loneliness, low self-image, and negativity.
  • Attend support groups and 12-step programs consistently. These groups offer the perfect platform for you to share your challenges, progresses, and recovery milestones with other recovering addicts.

Besides, make sure to use the coping skills and defense mechanisms learned in rehab treatment whenever you feel triggered. Furthermore, make sure to eat a well-balanced diet, and involve in regular physical exercise to lead a healthy, sober life.

Things to look for in a professional sober living home

Look for a home that offers the best lodging, food, and necessary medical supervision for an affordable price. Choose a sober house that provides free transportation for therapies, doctor’s appointments, and counseling sessions. You also want to choose a center that conducts support group sessions and 12-step meetings regularly to help you stay focused on recovery.

Besides, if you have pets, make sure to check with the facility to find out if they allow pets within premises. Most sober living homes offer free cable, Wi-Fi, and random alcohol/drug screening house meetings. Apart from these basic amenities, choose a sober house that offers value-added services without charging you extra like conducting recreational activities, free gym membership, etc.

Contact Fairview Supportive Living today for more information on our Agoura Hills sober living houses. We are one of the few sober living providers in California to offer a modern house with state-of-the-art amenities.

Agoura Hills Sober Living